DEST provides consulting services for the complete suite of Hyperion applications
PC Help & Tech Support
Cellular Phones Repair
Xbox and PsP Repair
Online Remote support
On-Site Computer Support
On-Site Computer Cleanups
System and memory upgrades
Data Recovery-Computer Crashes
Virus Scanning & Removal
Hard Drive Backups & Restorations
Laptop Repair,Computer Repair,
Software-hardware Installations
Computer Upgrading services
Hard drive crashes-system lockups
Computer Service Troubleshooting
Door-to-Door PC Repair
Hardware & Software repairs
Search Engine Optimization
Digital Marketing
Video Animations
Web Design
Free Upgrading help & Advice
Home and Office Networking
Cable Modem & DSL Installations
Home Internet Sharing
Windows O/S installations problems
At-Home Computer Training
Computer networking

DEST ’s Hyperion team is led by senior Finance & Accounting-experienced consultants to ensure a business-focus for every engagement.

Hyperion Focus
DEST is unique in that it is purely Hyperion focused. Unlike other consulting firms, our services are exclusively focused on Oracle Hyperion Planning, Oracle Hyperion Essbase, Oracle Hyperion Financial Management, and Hyperion Financial Reporting. This exclusive focus allows us to gain greater understanding of new releases and gain efficiency and synergy on each implementation since we have done it all before. With such a depth of knowledge, we can easily determine what works best for any unique requirements or set of circumstances. This tremendously deep experience allows us to deliver solutions more thoroughly and efficiently.

World-Class Hyperion Consultants
No matter which consulting firm you choose, the service provided is only as good as the individual consultants assigned to your engagement. Many times large consulting firms assign consultants that are training on the job or that may have experience but not the exact experience related to the engagement.

At DEST our consultants are recognized leaders when it comes to design, development, and implementation and typically average 8 to 10 years of experience implementing Hyperion solutions. Answer Insight uses a network of independent consultants and employees who have moved on from the big consulting firms.

Our consulting services are focused on the following Oracle Hyperion products:

Oracle Hyperion Planning
Oracle Essbase Analytics
Hyperion Web Analysis
Hyperion Financial Reporting
Hyperion Financial Management (HFM)
Oracle Hyperion® Version 11
Full Cycle Implementation

DEST provides full implementation consulting services including project planning, requirements gathering, design, solution build, and deployment of the end solution.

Requirements Gathering and Documentation
Detail Design
Solution Build
System Testing
Optimization Services
Development Services

Our Hyperion focused business model allows us to provide top-quality development services. Our depth of Hyperion experience and knowledge allows us to quickly identify performance constraints. Our consultants can easily assess your current system or design and quickly provide the most optimized solution.
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