What is VoIP?

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is a blessing to telecommunications, with its ability to transmit voice over a data network. VoIP sidesteps traditional phone hardware and transmits voice over the company’s data network already in place.

Benefits of VoIP
Business VoIP systems and small business phone systems offer many advantages to a company because they increase productivity and lower costs.

Other benefits include:
Access. Since users are never in the same place, they are able to access VoIP anywhere they go using any internet connection. This is especially useful for employees who work abroad, are stuck in traffic, or work from home.
Integration. This form of technology allows integration with other forms of communications. This could be especially useful in Customer Relationship Management since it helps increase productivity throughout sales and support.
Flexibility. There is no need for IT as the user can make necessary changes on their own. They can do this by making the changes directly through the dashboard or by calling a VoIP service provider.
Functionality. Users are able to use special features not available otherwise. These features include call forwarding and electronic messaging, three way conferencing, videoconferencing, and advanced call distribution.
Lower startup and maintenance costs. Companies may wish to implement this due to the low cost of initial setup and routine maintenance. Having a data network instead of regular phone lines, businesses are able to combine all communications into a single network. Increased Productivity

With the implementation of a VoIP phone system in businesses, workers can be more productive. Business telephone systems increase productivity through integrated mailboxes and real-time videoing. This system is also easy to learn, which means, employees won’t have to sit through tiring training sessions. Since employees have the opportunity to work remotely, this may increase their satisfaction, meaning they will be happier and work harder.

Lower Costs
Besides the lower setup and maintenance costs, businesses will see infrastructure costs reduced with business phone systems. Facilities costs will also be lower because you will not have as many phone lines running through the office.

While the benefits definitely outweigh the negatives, companies need to do what is best for them overall. However, if you are in the telephone business, you may want to get on the bandwagon for this technology since it is the future.

Our goal with our VoIP business phone system solutions is to provide three key things:

The power to do what you want
The flexibility to do it the way you want
The pricing options to match your usage

We offer VoIP business phone system solutions in two main package types. Flat-rate plans are best for most companies. They offer unlimited minutes for typical business use and the lowest cost per month of any major competitor. Usage-based plans will make the cost even lower if your employees don’t use the phone a lot.

How Does Small Business VoIP Improve Communications?
Your employees will have more ways to stay connected wherever they are.
Your customers can more easily reach your employees, without getting frustrated by lengthy phone system menus or by being sent to voicemail.
Using ‘presence’ technology, you’ll be able to quickly determine who on your staff is available and the best way to contact them

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